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Enter your Average Collected Balance: 
North Side Bank makes all deposited items available the next business day after deposit is made. (Exceptions may apply.)
Reserve Requirement
10% of Collected Balance
Net collected balance
This balance is available for earnings credit 
Earnings Credit Rate
Always highest rate in marketplace
Transaction Type Number of Items Price Charge
Enter the Number of Business Accounts     $
The number of checks written per month   $
The number of deposits made per month    $
The number of checks deposited per month   $
The number of Lock Box Accounts   $
Sweep Account
Automatic nightly sweeping of funds from one account to another using target balances
Sweep Account to Loan   $
Sweep Account to Investment and loans   $
Receipt of ACH Credits   $
Receipt of ACH Debits   $
Online Internet Access   $
Total Cost of Services     $
Account Administration Fee
Computed based on Collected Balance
  $ $
Total Bank Charges     $
Amount of Earnings Credit
Net collected balance times (X) the earnings credit rate to get amount of earnings credit to offset services charges
Total Amount Service Charge Assessed to you at North Side Bank     $
Service Charges Paid per month at Current Bank     $
Your Monthly Savings by moving your accounts to North Side Bank     $

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